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  • Swimwear

    33 Swimwear Roundup for Your Winter Blues

    It’s been quite a while since our last post. What can we say, life has been a bit crazy busy these days with work, family, and just everything else! We don’t know about you, but…


    Favorite Basic Booties for Fall Season

    We cannot believe Labor Day came and went, and Fall is just around the corner! We are so not ready to say goodbye to Summer and sunshine, but at the same time we do miss…


    Our Frayed Hem Jeans Picks

    We are quite digging the high-low and frayed hem jeans trends that have been going on for a while now, and show no sign of slowing down. They give that simple tee and jeans outfit an edgier…


    Heavy Rotations: Our Most Worn Shoes

    Shoes. They have the ability to inflict feelings inside us that we never knew existed. If you love shoes like we do, you know what we are referring to. The moment when we see a…

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    Our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

    We love a good sale, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is always a good one to stock up on Pre Fall goodies without paying the full price! Since we were shopping already we figured…


    28 Off Shoulder Tops Under $100

    Off Shoulder trend has been going on for a while, and it doesn’t seem like it is dying down anytime soon! We are loving this trend as honestly, who doesn’t love their shoulders? It…

  • What to Wear to Summer Weddings

    What to Wear to Summer Weddings

    Summer wedding season is just around the corner! Like us, many of you probably already have a few weddings lined up to attend this season. We love summer weddings, as they usually take place…


    Things We Cannot Stop Buying…

    We all have that one or two items that we own a lot of, but can never seem to have enough, be in scarves or boyfriend jeans. Every time you see a slightly different version of…

  • Prized Possessions

    Our Prized Possessions

    Prized possessions… in our closets! There are items in everyone’s closet that hold special places in our hearts. It could be that sweater you’ve worn since college, a family heirloom passed down from your great grandparent,…

  • Classic Items to Invest

    10 Classic Items to Invest In

    Happy New Year everyone! For our first post of 2016, we will talk about classic items to invest in, and start the year off in style with wise purchases. When it comes to wardrobe…