Our 3 Favorite Rose Oil Products

rose oil products

We have a recent infatuation with rose oil products, and by recent we really mean the past year. Be it body oil or scented fragrances, we can’t help but sniff them all out. It is tricky with rose scent as it can smell grandma-ish. But after a year of sniffing and exploration, we found three products that we are absolutely obsessed with.

Every time we dab these perfect finds on our bodies we instantly feel like we are transported to somewhere in Europe. What we love about them is that they are subtle and refreshing, plus the bottles are the perfect decorations on our vanity counters. Hope you will love them as much as we do!


rose oil products


rose oil products

We got some major girl crush on Anine Bing, so it isn’t creepy at all that we want to smell like her too, ha! Jokes aside, her signature scent Savage Rose is the perfect rose oil perfume for the modern female who wants to smell like a fresh rose without being a wallflower. The scent is exactly as its name described – it’s savage. First sniff is this light white rose scent but then it hits you with a kick from the black pepper. As in I smell sweet and delicate like a rose, but you better not mess with me because I am fierce like a savage. It’s the perfect play on juxtaposition. As their website puts it perfectly, “Soft and strong, masculine and feminine, light and dark.” Don’t be fooled by the tiny bottle, a few rolls on your wrists and neck will last you all day to conquer the world.


anine bing savage rose oil perfume


rose oil perfume

This one we stumbled upon while brunching at this spot called Maman in Soho New York. The restaurant has a cute little marketplace when you walk in, and the Bastide perfumes caught our eyes. Naturally we tried the Rose Olivier, as we were on our rose oil kick. We kid you not, the whole day we kept getting whiffs of the scent and couldn’t help but compliment ourselves on how amazing we smelled! It’s has a woody scent mixed in that makes it different and intriguing. As soon as we got home, we immediately went online and bought a bottle. The packaging is on point when the package arrive, not to mention they include a little travel size version so you can take it with you anywhere you go!


bastide rose olivier melissa flagg frangipani


Okay this one isn’t exactly “rose” oil, but this primrose oil we are absolutely obsessed with. We discovered this little bottle of gold at Anthropologie. Just a sniff was convincing enough to buy two giant bottles of it, and we love being able to see all the flowers that are infused into the oil. We love using it on our hair after blow drying. Not only does it moisturize our strands, but it leaves the most pleasant floral scent that lasts all day and night, as if you have soaked your hair in a rose infused water bath for hours. We haven’t noticed them in stock at Anthro for a while, but if you happen to stumble across it, stock up!




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