5 Questionable Fashion Trends

Questionable Fashion Trends


The great Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” We love to see fashion trends evolve, and there are always new trends popping up that reinvigorate our wardrobe. However, once in a while, there is that one or two trends that just make us go, huh? Now we aren’t the trendiest fashionistas out there, but we aren’t necessarily “basic” either. We are totally guilty of chasing trends just to conform, but together with the 99% of what the Kardishians wear, these 5 questionable fashion trends do make us question our love for fashion.

Anna Winter said “you either know fashion or you don’t.” Having worked in this field for so long, we would think we know fashion, or do we?



Let’s start with one that has been all over street style blogs lately – the off the shoulder coat trend. Okay, we can understand the coat OVER shoulder trend – not the most practical, but still makes sense. But the latest and greatest, its second cousin, we just don’t get it. Coats are supposed to keep you warm, what is the deal with hanging it half way across your body? Not only does it look like it requires too much limb coordination, but those poor shoulders…! Executing it poorly you end up looking like a slob or a homeless person. We are just going to blame Kim for this.

Questionable Fashion Trend Off Shoulder Coat



We are sorry to say this, but the whole wearing socks with open toe shoes thing just looks hideous. Trendsetters make fun of dads who wear socks with their sandals, then they turn around and do the exact same thing. Just because your shoes are Prada and the socks are colored doesn’t make it “fashion forward”. And we rest our case.

Questionable Fashion Trend Socks with Open Toe Sandals



Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a good distressed denim. What we don’t get? The ones that are so beyond distressed they are filled with giant gaping holes, not to mentioned someone who is willing to pay over $150 for them. Why not just cut that last string of fabric that’s keeping the top and bottom together and wear them as shorts? Too many times have we heard someone says, “my legs are so cold and I’m wearing pants!” Uh hello, there is more flesh than fabric on your legs right now.

Questionable Fashion Trend Distressed Jeans Gone Wrong



There is a very fine line between demure and trashy when it comes to cut outs. A simple cut out at the right spot instantly ups the sexy factor. One too many cuts at the wrong spots just screams desperate. We don’t understand when celebrities walk the red carpet with half their boobs or booties hanging out – why not just wear your bras and panties and call it a day? Don’t even get us started on the herds of girls stumbling out of Vegas clubs in cut out dresses… And you wonder why men only see you as sex objects.



Be afraid, be very afraid – your teenage embarrassment is coming back to haunt you. Remember those Juicy velour tracksuits you proudly sported? Well, they may be making a comeback. Juicy is doing a collaboration with Urban Outfitters right now. Judging from the pictures, they are just as hideous looking as we remembered. We like a good comeback (hello Stan Smith), but not everything should be brought back from the dead. Even Jenny from the Block has moved on – we probably should too.

Questionable Fashion Trend Juicy Velour



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