Our Prized Possessions

Prized Possessions


Prized possessions… in our closets! There are items in everyone’s closet that hold special places in our hearts. It could be that sweater you’ve worn since college, a family heirloom passed down from your great grandparent, or the lucky blazer that helped you land your first job in the real world. We certainly have our prized possessions that are the crown jewels of our closets, and in this post we share with you what they are and the stories behind them. What are yours?


Prized Possessions: David Yurman



If my house was on fire and I can only run out of my house with a couple of items from my closet, what will it be? Dramatic? I know, but I figured I had to set the stage to tell you all about my prized possessions. If I could, I’d take my entire closet, but we all know that’s impossible, so here are the two things I cherish the most.

The David Yurman ring I got for my first ever Mother’s Day. First of all, I love all my David Yurman rings, but this one is special because it was a little memento to remind me that my life has completely changed. I am now a Mother, responsible for raising a human being. This means I am truly an adult and there is no going back. The setting for David Yurman has Aquamarine stones on it which is my daughter’s birthstone. I used to change my rings depending on what I’m wearing. But this ring, together with my engagement ring, is what I wear every day. I look at the ring and I’m reminded of both my kids and can’t help but smile even on a bad day.

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote. My fiancé got this for me as my Christmas gift a couple of years ago and is my favorite bag in the world. The only reason I don’t use this bag every day is because it’s a Chanel and I have kids and carry too much stuff that could spill. The bag is exceptional. I can carry so much in it that yes I have used the bag to carry diapers and wipes (don’t kill me) and still not be too heavy. I can dress it up or down easily. I’ve used it for work, straight to night time drinks and dinners and even on casual weekends. I just always feel good when I’m using my Chanel. Out of all my bags, I take care of my Chanel the most. It’s the only bag that I make sure to put back in the garment bag each time I use it.


Prized Possessions



I would definitley consider myself the typical “Independent Woman” as Beyonce says, and one of the things I am most proud of in life is being able to buy myself pretty much anything I like (ok not ANYTHING, but you get the idea). Gifts from others are always nice, but there is something special about falling in love with a special something, and working your ass off to bring it home to mama. That being said, my two most prized possessions are my Rolex and my diamond stud earrings.

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted a nice watch. I remember in high school it was a Gucci I dreamed of, (one of those awful ones with the big G!!) and as I got older, it was a Rolex I had my heart set on. I think for 10 years I dreamed of the day I would buy one and finally I found her. I decided on a vintage Datejust in two tone. I figured if I was spending the money on a watch, I might as well get two tone so regardless if I am wearing silver or gold it will work. I love a chunky watch so I decided on the 36mm face. I love how even though it’s the ultimate fancy wrist accessory, it still has a little edge because it’s oversized, and it makes me feel a little bit like a bad ass when I wear it… in an old Mafia boss kind of way.

My diamond studs were the same situation. They are something I have always wanted because I know I will wear them forever. There is never a time where diamond studs don’t make an outfit. On top of that they really step the top knot’s game up! I live by the motto the bigger the better when it comes to accessories, so I chose a style that is made up of 5 stones, and even though they look like one large stone from afar, up close they are a little more unique and vintage looking.


Prized Possessions: Diamond Earrings



There are so many things in my closet that have special meanings. It is always fun remembering where I was and who I was with when I bought a certain item. Aside from my engagement ring, the two items I cherish the most are my vintage Rolex from my dad, and my Chanel Vintage Jumbo XL Flap Bag.

The Rolex was given to me when I turned 30. It is a Lady-Datejust. Technically it is my mom’s watch, as my dad bought it for her many years ago. But she didn’t like it, thought it is too obnoxious looking, so it sat in the safe deposit box for the last 15+ years. I remember my dad showing me one time, but I never thought he would actually give it to me one day. I guess I must had done quite a good job showing my maturity… Surprisingly, I don’t wear it too often, especially during the day. I do take it out for a nice dinner, or for special functions like weddings. It is small, 26mm, and I love how it doesn’t overpower the outfit, but is elegant that it instantly elevates anything I wear. Plus it always reminds me of my parents and their quirky ways every time I wear it. 🙂

As for the Chanel Jumbo, that is something I bought myself with my hard earned money when I got a big promotion. I had always wanted a vintage jumbo Chanel. I love big bags, as I carry a lot of crap with me, and the Chanel jumbo is a classic and beautiful bag that can be used day or night, and never goes out of style. I got mine on Portero.com, and basically stalked the site every day for almost 2 months before pulling the trigger. It was so worth it, I almost wanted to hug it to bed the first night it arrived. The feeling was surreal when I unboxed my most expensive purchase to date! Even though I bought it with my own money and I’m in my 30’s, I still find myself hiding it from my parents, just like how I used to hide my purchases in my purse after a shopping trip at the mall. I guess some things never change haha. This Chanel to me is truly an investment, and childhood dream fulfilled. Not to mention it is a token of my years of hard work paid off!


Prized Possessions: Chanel



I LOVE rings, especially thick rings so of course the one prized possession that means the most to me (besides my engagement ring) is a ring. My love affair for rings probably stemmed from my inclination towards hands in general. I might be a bit OCD; but yes, I love clean hands (signs of great hygiene) and I love it even more when the full package (clean nails, length of fingers, size of hands) all look pleasant to me. I absolutely cherish my Trinity De Cartier Ring that I received for my 10 year anniversary. It is the classic size which is slightly thicker and all intertwined together in three different colored bands. Pink gold for Love, Yellow gold for Fidelity, and White gold with diamonds all around for Friendship. When he presented it to me he said it symbolizes our love for each other because I am his best friend and one true love. And so is He – The love of my life. I will treasure this forever and hopefully pass it down to my future daughter or daughter in-law.


Prized Possessions: Rings




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