Our Holiday Gifting Guide and Tips


Fa-la-la-la-la… Christmas is four weeks away. Is your bank account ready for the most money draining time of the year? Well, we aren’t. But it is here, so ladies and gents, gird your loins for another epic holiday shopping season!

With so many options out there for all our friends and families, we get seriously overwhelmed with what to buy for who. Of course you always want your gifts to be the best and not be cast aside immediately. So while we are putting together our shopping list, we figured we should share it with you too! Plus what better timing than to take advantage of all the Thanksgiving promotions retailers are running this week? Here is our Holiday Gifting Guide and Tips!




What to get for that lady in your life who has exquisite tastes and jet sets everywhere? She probably already owns enough fabulous things so no gift can faze her, maybe another Chanel bag as one cannot have enough Chanel. It is probably the little things that will make her appreciate your thoughts. With her, it is really the thought that counts.


Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: For Her


1. Lollia Mini Hand Cream – Fab ladies need to keep their hands moisturized all day long. We love the size of these mini lotions from Lollia. At only $8 they are great stocking stuffers individually and a nice gift as a pack.


2. Jennifer Zeuner Mini Wishbone Bracelet – Dainty bracelets are so precious, and this wishbone bracelet is perfect as everyone likes to make wishes. She probably won’t want to break it, but she can carry her wish with her anywhere she goes.


3. Club Monaco Justy Cashmere Airport Warp – As a jet setter, it is very important to be comfortable on the plane, especially in long haul flights. This oh-very-nice cashmere wrap will keep your beloved friend cozy and warm the whole flight.


4. Bag-all Weekend Getaway Bag Set – When a fab lady travels she brings quite a baggage with her, so it is important to keep everything organized, even the dirty laundry. This bag set is not only functional, but oh so chic!


5. Round Vestige Lipstick Holder – Our lipsticks are all over the place, it would be nice to have something to organize them in one place. This lipstick holder does the job and looks fab sitting on the bathroom counter or vanity, perfect for our fabulous friends!





It is always so difficult to find the right gift for men, the options are just so limited compare to women! Not all men are into jewelry, and you don’t want to buy clothes as that’s such a personal taste. If your men is into grooming and looking good like Don Draper, a nice grooming or shoe shining kit are great gifts. If not, kitschy cuff links are also cute little presents.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: For Him

1. Paul Smith Tiny Toy Cuff Links – We are slightly obsessed with these cuff links, and we are sure your men will too if he still has that boyish charm in him. They are also great conversation starter at the holiday parties.


2. Tangent Garment Care Shoe Care Set – It is important for any dapper gentlemen to keep their shoes shiny and clean. Not everyone has the time to go to a cobbler, and some powerful men, like Francis Underwood, actually enjoy shining their own shoes.


3. Baxtor of California Double Edged Razor Set – Nothing screams dapper than a man with a well groomed face. And there is something sexy about a man who grooms his face the old school way, just like James Bond.


4. Paul Smith 3 Pack Socks – Socks are just as important as ties these days, they really showcase the personality. Why not have a little fun? Plus if he doesn’t like them, the pants will cover them up anyways, really, no biggie. Just make sure they don’t sit down…





She spends more time in her office than at home, and she loves every minute of it. What to get for that career woman? Something nice for the office desk that makes her feel a little more at home when she is burning that midnight oil for tomorrow’s important presentation.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: Office

1. Lucite Desk Accessories – Tape dispenser and stapler have never looked so chic. Gone are the giant black eye sores, these are so pretty to look at on the desk all day.


2. Garance Dore 2016 Les Femmes Desk Calendar – Counting down the days is so much better with a Garance Dore illustrated calendar, plus even if she isn’t using it as a calendar, it literally is a piece of art just sitting on the desk.


3. Kate Spade Daisy Place Business Card Holder – Sometimes work doesn’t need to be so serious, it is important to have a little humor in our lives. This business card holder will not only keep all the cards in one place, but also brings a smile to her face every time she sees it.


4. Kate Spade Bow Push Pins – These pins are perfect for that fashionista power woman. Perfect pins for all the pinnings on the mood board.





Home cooking has become a serious business, and there are some fabulous kitchen tools out there. Even we get sucked in to all the kitchen gadgets when all we need is a spatula. For the friend who loves to cook up a great meal and wine and dine his/her guests, there can never be enough serving boards or great looking kitchen gadgets.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: Kitchen

1. Iona Cheese Boards – Comes in different sizes, you can pick which size depending on how much you like the person. Just kidding 🙂 They are so pretty to look at and would get so many compliments everytime he/she uses it, and will thank you for that.


2. Marbled Cheese Board Set – This is kind of genius, a cheese board with a storage wood caddy attached for the knives so your hostess friend will never have to figure out where he/she last placed them.


3. Raised Bloom Whisk – A baker can never have enough whisks. Just looking at it makes us wanna whip up some cake too!


4. Anthropologie Monogram Mug – Yes, we did say no mugs in the tips section below, but the Anthropologie monogram mugs are exceptions. We have never met a person who did not like their monogram mug and use it everyday. Who doesn’t like their own initial?! We prefer the original style, but if your friend likes a little shimmer, Anthro also has a golden version just for the holidays.


5. Faceted Marble Cheese Board – You can probably tell we really love Anthropolgie by now, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets! This marble cheese board is a piece of art itself, and quite a substantial gift. We would get it for ourselves just to have it sit pretty on the kitchen counter!





Everyone has a bit of Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler in them. Be careful when buying home gifts, as home decoration is a very personal thing. But sometimes there are things we know a home decoration fanatic cannot pass up or have enough of. Keep the gifts small though, and remember to include the gift receipt.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: Home

1. Voluspa Maison Blanc Mini Candles – A home can never have enough candles, ever. These mini ones from Voluspa are perfect and so adorably cute! Another great stocking stuffer option at $8 a piece. They don’t take up too much space and looks pretty on tabletops even when not burning.


2. West Elm Hometown City Pillow Covers – We love these pillow covers, especially with the icon that represents each city and the area code below the city name. More importantly they aren’t cheesy looking. Your friend would love to have one sitting on the sofa!


3. Chic Happens Tray – Anything that plays on words we are all for it. Friends with a sense of humor will get a good laugh every time they use it. Like candles, one can never have enough mini trays to keep our lives organized.


4. West Elm Deer Door Stop – The first time we laid eyes on this door stop we thought it is the most genius idea! Regular door stops are such eye sores, so your home decorator friends will really appreciate having this functional piece of art at home!


5. Jonathan Adler Muse Votive Candle Holder – Any home decoration fan loves to own a piece of Jonathan Adler. This Muse candle holder is so affordable compare to the rest of his line. It is subtle but kitschy at the same time.


6. Macaron Box – These are such cute little gifts that can be used as either decoration or little storage boxes. One of us gifted them to her team at work one year and everyone loved it! The colors are so vibrant they give the home that perfect pop of color.





Gadget lovers aren’t limited to men these days, there are plenty of women who are obsessed with the latest and greatest technologies, and gadgets are getting more and more stylish. Whether it is a little something something or a big ticket item, there is a gift for everyone.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips: Tech

1. Aether Cone Audio Player – This is one substantial gift. But for that special someone you’d like to splurge on who loves techy things and music, this is real nice. It is a bluetooth speaker with super sleek design, nothing like those big bulky ones we see out there. Plus it puts together perfect soundtracks by learning your taste, quite a smartie.


2. Marble Portable Phone Charger – How many times have we said “my phone is dying”? We are always on the go, so it is important to keep a portable charger in our purses or pockets. This gift is not only functional but nice looking with the marble print. Your tech friends can stay stylish while charging their phones.


3. West Elm Bamboo USB Desk Speaker – For those tech music junkie friends who want something more vintage looking with surround sound effect, these bamboo speakers are perfect. Plus the size is portable and perfect to bring to any parties.


4. Caeden No. 1 Headphones – Already have a pair of Frends and want something else that are as stylish, these Caeden ones fit the bill. We actually may prefer these over our Frends…!


5. Sudio Vasa Earphones – If you friend is more an earphones kinda guy or gal, these Sudio earphones are one of the chicest we’ve seen. Plus there are different models for you to choose from depending on your budget. Even better they come with a leather carrying case so no more taking your entire purse out when all you need are your earphones.





Unlike Moe from The Simpsons though, this is for that friend who loves mixing his/her own drinks with fancy barware instead of ordering shots at a dive bar. What to get someone who already owns every single barware possible? Just get them more! One can never have enough corkscrews or ice cube makers.
Holiday Gifting Guide Tips - For the Bar

1. Set of 2 Tovolo Sphere Ice Mold – Because that whiskey looks so much classier with a big giant ice cube ball in it, and your bartender friend will feel cool serving it that way.


2. West Elm Mason Jar Shot Glass – Infuse a little vintage feel when taking that shot. One can never have enough cool shot glasses.


3. Anthropologie Noctua Wing Corkscrew – Opening a bottle of wine has never been more fun with these owl corkscrews!


4. Salud Toasting Flutes Set of 6 – Not the most practical, but they are going to look so awesome on the bar cart for your friend to show them off to all the guests. Plus who puts their champagne glasses down? You are supposed to hold onto them all night like an accessory.


5. Crate & Barrel Set of 5 Marble Coasters – Yes we have this obsession with marbles, they just instantly elevate the sophistication factor of anything, and these coasters are no different. Plus the marble will help keep the drinks nice and cool.




Now that we’ve shared with you our gift list, we need to start some serious shopping ourselves.

Before you start shopping, keep these general tips in mind:


1. DON’T GET TOO PERSONAL – Do not get anything too personal such as clothes, or nail polish, or makeup, unless you really know the gift receiver’s taste and size. With clothes, it is awkward when what you bought doesn’t fit the recipient. With nail polish and makeup, if they aren’t the right one, they most likely will get tossed once brought home. Sephora gift card is a safer bet.


2. GIFT RECEIPT – Keep the gifts small in size, and make sure to always include a gift receipt if it is anything substantial. At least if the gift doesn’t suit the recipient, it isn’t money down the drain.


3. REGARDING ALCOHOL – If you are thinking of getting a bottle of wine or champagne, make sure the person isn’t a recovering alcoholic. No this is not a joke, it happened to one of us before and it was unbelievably awkward, not to mention mortifying and made you feel like such a shitty person…


4. BE THOUGHTFUL – Be thoughtful with your gifts. Yes it is difficult when you have 30 people to buy gifts for. But it is worse than not gifting one if what you gift is a notepad. Might as well just get them a gift card and call it a day. Starbucks gift cards are ALWAYS the best option when not knowing what to get. At least they get to use it!


5. THINGS TO AVOID – Speaking of what gifts to avoid – mugs, notepads, post-its, and holiday specific items. There are only so many notepads a person needs, and so many mugs a kitchen cabinet can store. You also want to avoid getting someone a plate that says Merry Christmas on it, probably not something that will be used when it is 80 degrees out in August.


Happy shopping everyone!




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