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When we first started Pinky Espresso, we knew Instagram would be our main vehicle to share our daily lives and thoughts with the world. In the beginning we followed the usual big brand names, but as we discovered more accounts, we are in awe by the number of inspiring and talented instagramers out there. Some make us laugh, some make us hungry, some make us itch to travel, and many make us frantically try to find where to get that top or those shoes!

From big name celebrities to individuals like you and I, every instagram account we follow provides us the needed entertainment, be it when waiting in line for something, or waking up our brains with some visual stimulation every morning. In this post we will share with you some of our absolute favorite Instagramers. Hope you love them as much as we do, and don’t forget to share with us yours too!


Favorite Instagramers - @25park

We can’t start this list without first mentioning 25park… major fans! Many cannot handle her sassiness and no filter postings, but we love every moment of it! Her postings make us laugh, more importantly many of her quotes and thoughts really resonate with us. She also has a big heart and is not afraid to stand up for herself and others. Kudos to you Alison!


If you appreciate dry and occasionally (actually mostly) inappropriate humor, you would also love these Instagram accounts, which never fail to crack us up everytime 🙂
@thefatjewish | @basicbitchlife | @fuckjerry | @girlwithnojob | @boywithnojob | @brosbeingbasic | @beigecardigan | @overheardla

Now that we got the most important one out of the way, here are the rest of our individual favorite instagramers!



Favorite instagramers - Alexa Chung @alexachung


I’ve always loved Alexa Chung’s style and personality. She also has a unique look and everything just looks good on her.







Favorite instagramers - Stacey Bendet @aliceandolivia


I love that she is unique and loves colorful things! Not everyone can pull off her eclectic style.








Favorite instagramers - @bryanadamc


This is my latest insta discovery, and I am so amazed. His photographs are so dreamy and mesmerizing. The way he captures light just transforms you to another place…






favorite instagramers - cara delevingne


I’ve always found her interesting and unique and I love her fashion sense and quirkiness. She is someone I admire as well since she dances to the rythm of her own drum. She seems like someone I can totally hang out with.





Favorite instagramers - Chrissy Teigen


Who doesn’t love Chrissy Teigen? She is gorgeous, funny, married to John Legend, and now has a beautiful baby girl. I love seeing her funny posts and it just makes her so normal yet someone that you admire.






Favorite Instagramers - Edgar Artis @edgar_artis


Have you thought of creating fashion illustrations with cassette tapes, or avocados, or cucumbers…? Edgar is so talented and his creations never seize to amaze me!





Favorite Instagramers - @foodnessgracious

I remember the first time I came across Gerry’s account was a picture of this blackberry pear galette, it was love at first sight, and the rest is history… Love how this stay-at-home dad is sharing with the world his magical creations from his home kitchen!





Favorite instagramers - Nicole Warne @garypeppergirl


Major girl crush on Nicole Warne! Everything about her I’m obsessed with; her looks, her outfits, her accent, her home, even her cat! Elegance and style all in one 🙂 Plus she doesn’t bombard you with 50 postings and 100 snaps a day, thank goodness.





Favorite instagramers - @gypsea_lust


She always gives me major wanderlust every picture she posts. Together with @doyoutravel, they literally travel the world and capture the most breathtaking shots!







Favorite instagramers - Heidi Klum @heidiklum


She is silly, fun, and gorgeous, not to mention a judge on one of my all-time favorite shows, AGT (America’s Got Talent)!








Favorite instagramers - @losangeles_eats


My go to for everything yummy in my tummy.  Makes you want to venture all over LA!









Favorite instagramers - Monika Chiang @monika_chiang


I loved her clothing line when it was active; now it’s just all shoes and who doesn’t love a pair of fabulous heels from MC? My personal favorite from her line is the Athena cuff wedge heel which makes me feel like a goddess every time I wear them 😉




Favorite instagramers - @newdarlings


All I need to say is their insta inspired me to create my own little home garden. I love how they love West Elm, just like I do! If you like Madewell-like aesthetics and anything mid century, you will love their lifestyle feed.





Favorite instagramers - Julie Sarinana @sincerelyjules
Quintessential SoCal laid back chic. Like the other 3.9 million people who follow her, I am just so obsessed with her style and her aesthetics. Plus I love that she is more low-key than other fashion bloggers. Everything she wears, I want right away in my closet, which is not good but I just can’t stop following!




Favorite instagramers - @skinnygirlstandard
I’m always looking for ways to eat healthy yet still be delicious. I love seeing all the cakes, cookies etc that are featured on this account promising lower calories, healthy ingredients and still looks sooo damn mouthwatering. Have I tried any of the recipes? Nope! But I’ve been dying to!






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