Our Songs on Repeat

Songs on Repeat


Everyone has that one or two songs on repeat; music that they are absolutely obsessed with, and find themselves listening to non stop all day, every day. With the amount of new songs that get released every week in this world, there is something for everyone. We simply cannot imagine a world without music!

Music means a lot to us. We are all music junkies, some more so than others, but it is safe to say we pretty much listen to every genre, except country maybe (unless Taylor Swift still counts)? Many of our favorite moments together have something to do with music. Whether it’s Coachella, the many concerts we attended together, booty shaking to the beat at clubs, or doing our version of carpool karaoke to Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” while road tripping to Vegas, music gets us in the mood and bond us together.

So we decided to devote a post and share some of our current songs on repeat. Some are new found loves, some are oldies but goodies. Some are massive catchy hits, some speak to us on a more personal level. Regardless, we hope you enjoy them too! If you are interested, click on the song titles to check them out!


songs on repeat




Songs on Repeat

I’m considered the music junkie of the crew and we thought that this blog post would be so easy for me, yet I found myself having a hard time. I listen to a wide array of music and have very ecclectic taste sometimes. My music mood swings dramatically by era, decade or genre just within the day. Hence it was so hard for me to decide on a quick list of what i can’t stop listening to lately… but I did my best so I hope you enjoy my list of songs on repeat 🙂



Basically the entire In Between Dreams album. I’ve always loved Jack Johnson ever since his first album came out back in college. It feels like kismet as we are planning our Maui dream wedding, and we plan on playing Jack Johnson’s Better Together and Banana Pancakes while I walk down the aisle. Is it too much to wish that Jack Johnson would magically appear on my wedding day and serenade me? A girl can dream…



And basically the entire Head Full of Dreams album! I love love love Coldplay, and the entire album is just beautiful to listen to that it was hard to pick a favorite. If I really had to pick, Army of One would be my favorite since it’s the most different with that surprising R&B beat at the end, totally unexpected.



I don’t really know too much about this band, but this song is very catchy, and I’ve found myself always singing along to it when it comes on the radio – you know I like the song when it’s now included in one of my playlists in Spotify.



Ok this song just brings tears to my eyes… I think of my kids every time I hear this song and relate. I’m thinking of how I can incorporate this song into my wedding somehow and have a dance with my kids.  I’m such a sap!!!



I first heard this song in a commercial and it prompted my search for it as well as the genre. Now I have a whole playlist of booty swing inspired music and I love it. It’s a perfect blend of classic and dance music, and is a great pick me up in the mornings on the way to work. It just makes me want to shake my booty when I hear it 🙂





songs on repeat

A lot of people fall in love with songs because of the lyrics, as the words touch their hearts, or remind them of certain occasions in their lives. I, however, fall in love with songs mostly because of the melody. I am a sucker for tunes. Even when the lyrics don’t make a bit of sense, if I’m into the melody, I am hooked!

I pretty much listen to everything, except country, but my favorites are always alternative/rock, and my go to radio station is KROQ (looove Kevin & Bean). My favorite bands? Coldplay, Muse, and OneRepublic. When I am obsessed with a song, I keep playing it over and over again. Some I get sick of pretty quickly, but some I just cannot stop listening to, that’s when you know it’s a good one. Here are my current songs on repeat!



This is the newest one on my songs on repeat list, it is from their new album, which I am completely obsessed with. I don’t think I’ve been in love with an entire album for a very long time. I always listen to all the song samples before deciding on purchasing the whole album, and Everglow was the first song I clicked on. The piano ballad got me immediately. I am not a sap, but for some reason I got all choked up just from listening to it. It is just so beautiful…



Everytime I want something upbeat, I put this song on. This is actually one of the few songs which I know every single word! It is fun and the beat is just so contagious! Plus it always brings me back to Coachella when we were in the KROQ room, and all of us were just bouncing dancing to this song – one of the best moments of the trip! The song is all about having fun, exactly what it says, “shut up and dance with me!”



I fell in love the second I heard it on KROQ. It is quirky, but everything just works so right together. It sounds a bit melancholic, and probably is about drugs, but I just love the chorus, “Dancin’ on, do the boogie all night long, stoned in paradise…” We made it the last song for our wedding, which was perfect as it is mellow, but still has a nice rhythm, and to me it is about us dancing all through the night, and forever stoned in happily-married paradise.



I love listening to Jazz, and Diana Krall is one of my favorites. Her voice is so smooth with that slight raspiness which I love! I always listen to her Live in Paris album whenever I am in a chillaxing mood, but Let’s Fall in Love is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It starts off slow, but gets into a nice fun rhythm after the 50 seconds. For some reason I prefer this live version way more than the album version. I can listen to it non stop all day every day, needless to say it is our wedding’s first dance song. 🙂





Songs on Repeat

Music is what I play every single day to start my morning and end my evening! I love all types of music because there is ALWAYS a song to describe how I feel. Even certain upbeat International songs!! It is freakin’ AMAZING! From sadness to happiness, music just connects you to those emotions which can also be very therapeutic. It allows me to walk down memory lane, to reminisce and day dream, be it of someone special, or of events in the past that were impactful, to having a blast with your friends! Life would be so boring without music to put me in the mood. Though I love all types, my defaults are alternative/rock and a bit of EDM (the ones with lyrics). I find myself switching to alternative stations when I’m on the road; and when I’m getting ready specifically on weekends to go out, I’m blasting my Electronic Dance music!

There is always new and old music to be discovered which you can fall in love with so much that you find yourself repeating it. Over and Over. And Over and Over again. Below are some songs on repeat that I’ve been obsessed with:



This song makes me teary eyed every time I listen to it. It is just so moving yet peaceful at the same time. So many interpretations can be made from this song be it personal development, broken relationship, to a loss of a loved one. It makes me think of my loving dad who passed away 3 years ago. When he did, my brother got a tattoo of 5 birds, representing each of us in the family. So when I heard this song, I think of all of us. “Maybe one day ‘we’ can fly next to ‘him’”.


HeaderSkyFullofStars2Can you tell I’m a Coldplay fan? I LOVE THIS SONG. There is something just so magical about this song especially the beginning of the tune. From the beat to the lyrics, this song just brightens my day! When I met my husband he had always said that he is “going to give ‘me his’ heart” so of course when we both heard this song we were in awe and probably had “stars” in our eyes. From then on, anytime this song comes on the radio, I will lean over to give him a big hug; and anytime we are in an argument of some sort he will try to play this song on his phone to make me smile.


HeaderIntoTheNight2I think of the Pinky Espresso ladies when I listen to this. Brings back memories of our Coachella adventures from last year. Many songs stood out that night but this one. Probably because we were walking quite a bit and when we stopped, one of the stage lit up and flashed which looked like fireworks that caught my eye. We all stopped to see; and when this song came on, it was spectacular! We were all definitely “Into the Night”.


HeaderKing2This song is absolutely Beautiful! It is VERY heartfelt and touching. It was the perfect wedding song for me to use as our first dance because I wanted him to know that “I’ll be with ‘him’ all the way” no matter what and that my love will always surround him. From the melody, lyrics, to the vocals, this song is flawless!!! Even after the wedding I find myself playing it over and over reminding myself how special that night was. We were both surrounded by love from all of our family and close friends; and it was the best day of my life.

Hope you enjoy these as well!  Repeat anyone?

Can’t end this with a BISOU without recommending a current favorite french song as well! 😉 S.O.S.- Indila


Songs on Repeat




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