39 IKEA Items That Make Your Home Look Expensive

IKEA, it is a place people either love or hate. To many, it is like adult Disneyland, full of endless possibilities. To some, it is a dreaded trip of never-ending furniture where they feel like lost puppies. IKEA is one of the go to places for anyone who wants furniture on a budget. Very rarely do people associate IKEA with words such as “elevated”, “good taste”, or “expensive”. What most people don’t notice is that IKEA is filled with hidden treasures!


Yes there are many cheap-looking furniture and decorations to filter through, but if you have patience, add in a bit of imagination, you will find those golden nuggets. These are items that look like designer furniture without the designer price; items that would normally cost you an arm and a leg at designer stores but surprisingly affordable at IKEA. These are items that make your home look expensive and well decorated! We did some shopping for you so you don’t have to dig. So next time when you are looking for a new cabinet or dining chair, take this list and head to IKEA first!




39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Dining


As you can see, our picks for dining tables are mostly wooden farm tables. For some reason, they are just ridiculously expensive in the market. A good one from West Elm would cost you on average $900+, all the way up to $2,600! They aren’t that much cheaper on Overstock.com either. The options at IKEA are still expensive, but at least $300 less than a designer one! That’s three weeks worth of groceries!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Dining Tables

Photo Credits: My Home | SF Girl By Bay | IKEA


The MÖRBYLÅNGA is our absolute favorite. Measured at 86 inches long, this table is HUGE! It retails at $699, like we said, still pricey. But compare to similar styles from West Elm such as the Emmerson 87″ ($1,299) and Patina Dining Table ($2,599), $699 is a bargain. A plain wooden 82″ farm table at Crate & Barrel also costs $799. Yes, we know the quality is better, but do you really care what tree your wood came from when you will be spilling drinks and food on it anyway? We sure don’t.


The DOCKSTA table is a popular one. Better known as the Tulip Table, it is inspired by the Pedestal Table designed by Eero Saarinen, which retails at $2,126 for a 42″ white laminate version. If you what a marble one? That will be $3,550 thank you very much. And mind you those are before tax prices. We certainly can’t afford a $2,000+ table, actually more like we’d rather spend that money on a new purse. How about on Overstock you ask? The cheapest one is still $194 and that’s only a side table size of 19.5″. The much more affordable version from IKEA retails at $179, and it pretty much looks exactly the same as the Saarinen one at 42″. Seriously, no brainer here everyone.


The MÖCKELBY, similar to the Mörbylånga, this is another wooden farm table option, also retails at $699. This is definitely more farm table looking with a lighter hue, so it really depends on what you are looking for. We would definitely buy this and put in our backyard if we had a giant one for entertaining guests in those warm summer nights. A spread of pastries, charcuterie, and fruits would look so good on this table!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Dining Chairs

Photo Credits: homedit | Planete Deco | IKEA


The TOBIAS Chair is a great option if you are looking for acrylic clear chairs. We love clear chairs! We aren’t really fans of traditional dining chairs, they just look old and… old. Plus they are chunky and make the room look smaller than they are. Clear chairs are great as they don’t disrupt the line of sight. Plus they are modern looking, great for mixing and matching. The one from IKEA retails at $79, and is surprisingly comfortable! Plus you can play it up by putting furry throws or pillows on them, like the picture in the middle. You can also use it as a desk chair or vanity chair, the possibilities are endless! Similar one at CB2 retails at $179.


The SKOGSTA Bench is a great item to go with a farm table! We love mixing and matching dining chairs with benches. Like the Tobias, you can make a wood bench more “homey” looking by putting furry throws and pillows on top. This one from IKEA retails at $49 and is 47″ wide, so you most probably will need two of them for a big farm table, which is still a good price! The cheapest wood bench from West Elm, which is on sale, still costs $319. As on Overstock, you still will have to pay at least $62.





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Beds

Photo Credits: My Domaine | IKEA | IKEA


If you like minimalism and simplicity in your bedroom, the MALM and STOCKHOLM beds from IKEA are great options.


The MALM bed is another popular item at IKEA, as it is simple which means you can jazz it up however you want. Prices start at $149 and goes all the way up to $529, depending on what size and features you want. We love the option with storage boxes, where you can store your extra sheets and pillows, or whatever else you have laying around the bedroom. The price is super reasonable, and you don’t need to sacrifice style for affordability.


The STOCKHOLM bed, which is featured on the right, is a great option for those who want a more masculine, mid-century look. We can totally see this in a chic bachelor pad! It retails for $989 for queen size and $1,099 for king size, definitely on the pricier side, but it’s higher quality than the MALM, in beech wood, and comes with real leather cushions.





HeaderWardrobe2 39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: HEMNES

As fashion lovers, we all need proper places to store our precious clothes and shoes. One of our favorites from IKEA is the HEMNES series. We love the simple lines, yet you can customize them to your liking just by simply changing the knobs! Gold for a little glamour, leather for a little masculinity, the possibilities are endless. One of us had the HEMNES shoe cabinet and they really do hold quite a lot of shoes (at least for girls).



The HEMNES Dresser/Chest comes in variety of options and colors, with prices ranging from $99.99 to $249. The ones pictured above is the 8-drawer dresser which retails at $249. Even Jillian from Love It Or List It 2 likes it! Similar one from Crate & Barrel costs $1,199!


The HEMNES Shoe Cabinet comes in 2 sizes, priced at $99.99 and $129, and are great for narrow entryways or mud rooms. The one on the top left corner is the 4 compartments version which is $129. It is so difficult to find a shoe cabinet that actually looks good and isn’t priced ridiculously high! The IKEA one definitely fits the bills without draining the bank account. Beware though it requires some giant hole-drilling into the wall.





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Storage


Two of our favorites series for storage is STOCKHOLM and BESTÅ. Cabinets can be expensive, and nothing is worse than seeing a piece of furniture that you know will look so amazing at your home, but not able to afford it. But we need cabinets to throw all our random crap in so our homes don’t look like a chaotic mess!



The STOCKHOLM Sideboard is perfect for those looking for the mid-century functional piece. It comes in two colors, and retails at $389 in white and $449 in walnut veneer. Mid-century furniture is expensive since they are all the hype these days, just look at this buffet from West Elm! At $400-ish, the IKEA one is reasonably priced. Plus you can customize by adding hinges, or stain and rearrange it like the one pictured in the middle! The great thing about IKEA is that their pieces are so “hackable”, there is always a way to change things up, as long as you have the time and patience.



The BESTÅ series is one of our favorites out of everything IKEA offers. The lines are so clean and simple, but it is so customizable! There are so many door options to choose from, you can make it ultra modern, slightly mid century, or just plain old fun and colorful! You can build it out wide, or build it up tall. You can turn it into a day bed, a giant bookcase wall, or a credenza to display your trinkets. If you get sick of a look, you can easily change it up just buy switching door color or patterns, or even hinges to jazz it up! One of the best websites out there is Superfront. It is a Swedish website that makes things such as doors, handles, and legs for IKEA furniture. It sucks that they only ship legs and handles to the US, but their website can give you some serious ideas when it comes to customizing your BESTÅ! You can even add agate pulls to yours to instantly elevate the decor of the room!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: STOCKHOLM TV Unit


Another favorite from the STOCKHOLM series is their TV unit. What’s not to love about this mid-century inspired media console?! TV stand usually are quite ugly looking, which is a complete eye sore when you are trying to focus on your favorite shows but cannot take your mind off of how distractingly ugly that TV stand is. Fortunately, we have reasonably priced options at IKEA that look nice.


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: STOCKHOLM TV Unit

Photo Credits: Design Sponge | IKEA | IKEA | No Home Without You


Similar to the sideboard, the STOCKHOLM TV unit comes in two colors, and priced at $299 and $349 respectively. We love how we have to option to either show our tech goodies or hide them (we know them boys are proud of their collection of Playstation and Xbox). This definitely looks similar to many of the options on West Elm which is the queen of Mid-Century furniture, but good news is you don’t need to spend $1,000 on a TV stand as you now have the IKEA option! Even this similar looking one on discounted furniture site Dot & Bo is $825!





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Sofa


We would say if you were to splurge on one item in your home, sofa would be the one. However, not everyone wants to spend $2,000 on a couch. Sofa is like the center of the home where everything happens. An ugly and uncomfortable sofa really can be one of the worst things possible. IKEA offers quite a selection of sofas, some of them do look like they only belong in a college dorm room. However, there are two that made our cut, the STOCKHOLM (we love anything STOCKHOLM if you can’t tell by now) and the NOCKEBY.


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Sofa

Photo Credits: IKEA | IKEA | Coco Lapine Design


The STOCKHOLM Sofa not only comes in different color options, you can also choose between cotton ($899), velvet ($999), or leather ($1,799). It is a solid couch that goes with anything, plus the cover is removable for cleaning! We love the wooden legs that gives it a mid century feel. The downside however is that it doesn’t have matching stool or lounger for those who like a matchy matchy feel.


The NOCKEBY Sofa series is a great option for those who want a matching set of seating arrangement. What we love most is that the Loveseat with chaise is at a very reasonable price of $1,099, so much cheaper than other furniture retailers. If you’ve shopped the sofa market, you know what we mean. Like many other IKEA sofas, the cover is removable for washing which is awesome.






The RANARP series is one of our absolute favorite! There is a reason why it’s been so embraced by the creative community since its launch, it is just so chic and simplistic, but just the right amount of brass gold to make it fancy. Task lamp is the coolest lamp to own right now, and this IKEA one is just perfect without costing much. When the RANARP first launched it was just a desk lamp, but due to its success, IKEA added a floor lamp and pendant lamps in two sizes. The prices range from $27.99 for the desk lamp to $44.99 for the floor lamp. Compare to a simple desk task lamp from West Elm that’s $99 or from Pottery Barn that’s $149, the IKEA one is a steal! We are quite obsessed with the pendant lamps which are PERFECT over a kitchen counter or island. J’adore!





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Mirrors


We love mirrors. Mirrors aren’t just for functional use, they are decoration pieces. Plus mirror instantly brightens up the room and makes the space appear bigger – who doesn’t love that?! Mirrors surprisingly aren’t cheap, and the bigger they get, the more expensive they are. Fortunately there’s IKEA with the HOVET mirror! And we decided to throw in the STOCKHOLM (yes, again) too since it is too good to ignore.


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Mirrors

Photo Credit: HOVET | IKEA


The HOVET is a 30×77″ mirror, needless to say, it is quite big. Huge floating floor mirrors are becoming more and more popular, and more and more expensive these days. A basic one at West Elm can easily cost $400+, even Overstock.com charges $170+ for a not so good looking one. This IKEA baby is only $129, and it comes with a lot of mirror! It is perfect for the entryway so you can catch a last glimpse of your outfit before you step out the door, for the bedroom when you have your own fashion shows in the mornings, or just for the living as an accent piece. It is a steal!


The STOCKHOLM mirror is perfect for the bathrooms. It is simple, warm, and elegant, exactly what we need for a spa-like bathroom. Plus we love the frame at the bottom forms a mini shelf where you can put things, or just a little decor. This mirror is $99, and we haven’t really seen anything like this before. It is quite unique!





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Office Desks


We have to say, IKEA has really uped their office desk game lately. We wish there were this many great options when we were in college! Some of them are so chic, they can totally be placed in the living room as sofa tables! Our favorites are BESTÅ BURS, KLIMPEN/FINNVARD, and ALEX.


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Office Desks

Photo Credits: Gravity | unknown | Personally Andrea


The BESTÅ BURS is a clean simple white office desk that comes in two sizes, 47″ and 70″, which retail at $199 and $269 respectively. The 47″ one can totally be used as a sofa or console table. For those who want a sleek looking desk for your mini home office, this is the one. A similar looking one from CB2 costs $399, you do the math on how much you save.


The KLIMPEN/FINNVARD is a good option if you have one of those giant CPU, as you can place it on one of the bottom shelves. This desk has a little farmhouse rusticness to it that we love, and retails for $159. IKEA has a selection of table tops and table legs for you to mix and match, in this case KLIMPEN is the table top, and FINNVARD is the bottom trestle. Each trestle is sold separately, so you can totally just have trestle on one side and a drawer unit on the other side if you want more hidden storage. Quite genius we shall say.


The ALEX desk is similar to the BESTÅ BURS with the simple lines, but with more of an office feel. This desk retails for $169, and comes with a whole series of matching drawer and storage units. The desk measures 51″ long, so slightly in between the two sizes of BESTÅ BURS, and makes it a good contender as a sofa/ console table!





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Rugs


Nothing beats the feeling of stepping on a warm fuzzy rug! Rugs really are the true accents of a room, and like many other furniture items, they do not come cheap! A simple living room rug for the sitting area can easily cost you $300+. IKEA is always one of our first spots to check when we need a new rug. Our favorites include TEJN, GÅSER, and KOLBY.



The TEJN is pretty much an IKEA classic. TEJN is the faux fur version, while RENS is the real version. We like the TEJN as it is only $13, so if we accidentally spill things on top or just need to replace it for natural wear and tear, it isn’t like we need to spend a fortune. Not like the RENS is that expensive either, at $29.99. Another reason we prefer the TEJN is it’s smaller in size, which makes it perfect as an alternative to throw on a chair (like the TOBIAS) to make everything extra fuzzy and comfortable to sit on. This is a very versatile piece, which explains why it’s been around forever!


The GÅSER is perfect for those who want a high pile rug without paying the high pile price. It comes in 3 sizes, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $149. The $149 version is 5’7″x7’10”, quite big enough for a seating area. Aside from the grey pictured above, it also comes in off-white and beige color ways. Sometimes you just need a fluffy rug on those hardwood floors to make your home a little more cozy.


The KOLDBY is a statement piece for those who love a cowhide rug. At $199, they are quite affordable compare to what’s out there in the market. It comes in two colors, brown and black. Definitely a good conversation piece.





39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Patio Chairs


Now we are city girls so we don’t really have patios, but every time we see all the pretty patio chairs at IKEA, it makes us dream a little about how our patios would look like if we had a gorgeous house. We are no experts at all with outdoor furniture as we never really had the need for them, but we know a good handwoven bamboo chair when we see one. The great thing about these chairs is they don’t HAVE to only belong in the patio, we would totally mix it up and have a couple at the dining table to achieve that seaside cottage feel!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive: Patio Chairs

Photo Credits: At the Picket Fence | Elv’s | IKEA | IKEA


The RÅDVIKEN (bottom left) is the most masculine looking one of the bunch, and we love how it is styled indoor with a fur throw and wooden table, can totally see it belonging in a Soho loft. It is the most expensive at $179.


The FINNTORP (on the right) is our favorite as it is white, we love white furniture, and it is stackable to be easily stored away when not needed. Price-wise it is somewhere in the middle at $79.99.


The AGEN (middle) looks similar to the FINNTORP, and is the least expensive for only $39.99, and it is also stackable!


The BYHOLMA (top left) definitely gives us the Hamptons vibe, without the Hamptons price, at $114.98.





Aside from furniture, IKEA sells so many knick knacks that it is hard to keep up! Like their furniture, you will find hidden treasures and amazing deals if you look closer and have patience. Here are some that we’ve found, and we are deciding which ones can fit into our homes!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive

Photo Credits: All IKEA


1. VARDAGEN Carafe with lid | $1.99 – Yes you read that right, $1.99 for a glass carafe that comes with a lid, if you don’t call that a steal we don’t know what is! Carafes are great for tabletop entertaining, and at $1.99 each, you can easily stock up on multiples.


2. SKOGSTA Chopping Boards | $5.99 – $12.99 – We don’t understand why chopping boards are so expensive. There is no way we will pay $30 for a piece of wood that will get cut and scratched, so thank god for IKEA. This comes in three different sizes for you to choose from. We love the acacia wood and the patterns, almost make them pieces of art just laying against the kitchen backdrop.


3. SKOGSTA Platter with stand | $12.99 & $19.99 – Like chopping boards, wooden platters are also pretty darn expensive these days. If you love the wood treatment of the SKOGSTA, you will love their platters. It comes in two sizes, and are great for charcuterie and hors d’oeuvres.


4. SKOGSTA Storage Crates | $5.99 & $9.99 – Last SKOGSTA item we promise. We love these crates! They are perfect for a rustic kitchen, to store fruits, fresh veggies, planters, or just whatever you want. They are also amazing props for weddings and events, fill them up with flowers and voila! It comes in three sizes, and the price just cannot be beat!


5. APTITLIG Chopping Boards | $4.99 & $7.99 – If you want a plan simple chopping board without the fancy patterns like the SKOGSTA, the APTITLIG is perfect. Sometimes when you want to chop up things like ginger or garlic, you don’t necessarily want to take out the giant chopping board. The mini APTITLIG is perfect as it is only 9.5″x6″, perfect as serving platters too!


6. PROPPMÅT Chopping Board | $2.99 – Sometimes you want a wooden chopping/serving board that comes with a handle for that european feel. The PROPPMÅT is perfect size and only $3!


39 IKEA Items that Make Your Home Look Expensive

Photo Credits: All IKEA


7 KORKEN Bottle with stopper | $3.99 – Like the carafe, you can never have enough bottles, especially if you like to make your own fruit juices at home. They are perfect for storage or for entertaining. And at $3.99 a bottle, that’s almost 50% cheaper than the ones at Crate & Barrel.


8. to 10. KNODD Bin with lid | $14.99 & $24.99 – We are sort of obsessed with the KNODD bins. First, it comes in three colors – matte grey, galvanized silver, and white. Of course white is our favorite. They are perfect as trash cans, planters, kitchen storage, mud room, they are just pretty amazing. It comes in two sizes, 4 gallon or 11 gallon.


11. BYHOLMA Chest | $59.99 – This chest reminds us of a picnic basket, and who doesn’t like a picnic basket? All kidding aside, this is perfect for the bedroom as bed sheets and throw storage. It comes in two colors, brown and grey.


12. BRANÄS Laundry Basket with lining | $39.99 – When people think of IKEA laundry basket, they think of the plastic foldable ones everyone had in college. Not the BRANÄS though, it looks pretty darn good to us. A woven hamper like this can easily cost $100 at designer furniture stores like Crate & Barrel, but at IKEA, you only pay $39.99!



And there you go, this concludes our 39 IKEA items that make your home look expensive! We are having some major interior decor itch right now, and hope you are too! What you some of your favorite IKEA items? Please share with us!





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