HEAVY ROTATIONS: Renée’s Wardrobe Essentials


We all have those default outfits we put on whenever we don’t know what to wear. The truth is, it happens almost everyday when we stare at our closet full of clothes and still think we have nothing to wear. Sometimes I just ask myself why even bother buying new clothes. Good news (and bad) is, we love clothes too much and we keep buying more than we need. And with new clothes come new favorites that we repeatedly wear. With that idea in mind, we decide to have a monthly edition of what we call “Heavy Rotations”, where we share our most worn outfits of the month. Since this is the first post of Heavy Rotations, I will share with you some of my wardrobe basics for different occasions in the Summer.

My personal style is understated and grounded by neutrals, with a lot of white, black, chambray, beige, and grey. I believe in investing into classic pieces that can last for years, and thinking twice before forking out a fortune for a trend piece. Just because the pieces are simple and the color palette is neutral doesn’t mean you can’t have fun mixing and matching. It just makes putting together outfits a whole lot easier, since everything already matches! Plus jewelry is always the easiest and most inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit. I buy a lot of mine on Gilt.

My obsessions? White shirts (you can never have enough white shirts), anything chambray, oversized sweaters, pointed toe heels, and dainty gold jewelry.

My style muse? Olivia Palermo and Marissa Webb.

And if I could wear only one designer for the rest of my life? It would be Tibi.

Now onto the fun part, my take on outfits for different occasions!





This is the default outfit of all default outfits. Living in Los Angeles, I can stroll around in shorts almost year round, therefore it is very important to have a pair of go to denim shorts. I found mine at Forever 21 years ago. There are so many options available in the market so it does get overwhelming, but once you find “the” pair, it is like finding your soulmate. The white blouse I found on the clearance rack at Abercrombie, with additional 50% off. Let’s just say it was such a good deal I bought two. I always buy two of something I’m obsessed with as long as the price is reasonable, knowing I will wear them to death.

Abercrombie & Fitch White Blouse | Forever 21 Denim Shorts (similar here and here) | Dior Sunglasses (vintage) | Madewell Knotshine Necklace | K. Jacques Barigoule Sandals | Saint Laurent Coin Purse | Clare V. Fold Over Clutch





When the weather is a bit too cool for short shorts, a pair of J Brand jeans are my go to. Since I am only 5 feet 1, I always look for cropped styles. I don’t like doing alterations on skinny jeans as they lose the “cigarette” look after chopping the bottom part off. If you are short like I am, you will understand how finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding the holy grail, and the J Brand 835 Mid Rise Crop body hits my ankles at the perfect spot. As for the Chanel, my believe is that every girl just needs to save up and bite the bullet for a vintage Chanel bag. They are such classics, plus they will only appreciate in value, what’s a better reason than that?! For some reason our significant others don’t seem to get that point… At least it was good enough of a reason for me.

Zara Cropped Denim Shirt | Ray-Ban Mirrored Sunglasses | J Brand 835 Mid Rise Crop Jeans | Chanel Vintage Jumbo XL | Cartier Tank Anglaise Watch | K. Jacques Laura Sandals





Since I worked in corporate Retail, I had the luck of having a flexible work attire. As long as I didn’t show up to work like I just left a nightclub (which some people do believe it or not), I could wear pretty much anything I wanted. Back in the days, women wore full suits so they could be taken seriously and blend in with their male counterparts. But more and more top female executives, even in the boy’s club tech world, are embracing their inner fashion mavens. Look at shows like House of Cards and Suits, where we see the Claire Underwoods and the Jessica Pearsons rule at work in clean, chic, but feminine outfits. We don’t need a boring old suit to prove our worth. Of course I’m not saying to go all out neon or print galore, at the end of the day we still need to look professional. The culotte trend is a great way to inject fashion into your work outfits. Even Rachel Zoe said they are here to stay! Pair them with a crisp white shirt and sharp pointed toe pumps and you are ready to rock at work. If you were to invest into a good pair of pointed toe pumps, check out the Alexander Wang Lovisa. Let’s just say I was pounding the New York pavement all day in them and my feet were very happy.

Zara Cropped Shirt | BCBG Raymond Chambray Culottes | Saint Laurent Baby Sac Du Jour | BCBG Wide Banded Bracelet (similar here) | Alexander Wang Lovisa Pumps | J. Crew Necklace (similar here)





What to wear when you have a daytime affair to attend? I find full skirts to be the perfect solution! I’ve been loving the two-piece trend, it is like investing in a dress but you get to mix and match them into different outfits. The full skirts in particular is what I’m obsessed with, and I don’t even normally wear skirts. They are so feminine and ethereal, makes you just want to twirl around all day. I like to pop my outfits with bags, you will find my bag collection more colorful than my clothes. This outfit was actually what I wore to my bridal shower, and it was perfect for that lovely day!

ASOS Crop Top (similar here) | ASOS Midi Skirt (similar here and here) | BCBG Retro Round Sunglasses | BCBG Natural Stone Bracelet | Leslie Danzis Fan Drop Earrings (similar here and here) | Clare V. Fold Over Clutch | Schutz Eirininn Sandals (similar here and here)





Jumpsuits are the easiest way to dress up without looking like you are trying too hard. Plus it makes you standout as a lot of the girls out there are still not jumping (no pun intended) on the jumpsuit bandwagon. I found these perfect cropped culotte ones at Zara. That place is like a treasure chest, you never know what goodies you will find, but you know it is gonna be something good. The clutch is an Hervé Leger sample I got when I worked at BCBG (which also explains the multiple BCBG pieces). Best part of working in corporate fashion was of course the sample sales! I love a big clutch since I throw everything in my purse, and a clutch always takes the outfit to the next level. Throw in a few jewelry pieces and I am good to go!



Zara Cropped Jumpsuit (similar here) | Hervé Leger Oversized Clutch | Valentino Rockstud Slingback Pumps | Zariin Quartz Earrings (similar here) | Vita Fede Titan Bracelet | BCBG Leather Thin Cuff | BCBG Pave Chevron Ring | Vintage Rolex





A lot of my formal Evening events are weddings, as I’m one of those who’d rather stay in with my hubby and DVR, all comfortable in my pajamas. To me dressing for weddings is always tricky. You’d like to look good since it is a celebration, but you also need to look respectful, it is a party but it isn’t like you are hitting the club. You also need to be dressed up to respect the occasion, but not TOO dressed up in a full on gown that you steal the bride’s spotlight. Most importantly, your outfit has to be comfortable and not too tight as you will be pretty much eating all night; from hors d’oeuvres, to first course, to second corse, to dessert! If it is an Asian wedding then you pretty much have 10 more courses to go. Add in the alcohol next thing you know your tummy is sticking out. But there’s always the dance floor for you to burn off those calories you just consumed. 🙂

BCBG Shawna Lace Dress | BCBG Pony Hair Envelope Clutch (similar here and here) | Zara Back Detail Earrings (similar here) | Jimmy Choo Crown Suede Peep Toe Pumps (similar here)


That’s all for now! I hope the above helped inspire you with your wardrobe basics from day to evening. Happy Outfitting!

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