30 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Gift


Last week we shared with you some of our wedding gift ideas for bridesmaids. As promised, we are dedicating this week’s post to none other than groomsmen gift!

Maybe because we are girls, or we just don’t understand men, but the groomsmen gift options seem so limited compare to bridesmaids gifts! Ties are always the automatic go-to for many. We aren’t gonna lie, it was quite a pain to come up with the below, and it took four brains to put this together. But alas, here it is.

We present to you Pinky Espresso’s Groomsmen Gift ideas!







Even guys have to agree Don Draper looks pretty damn dapper in Mad Men, and we are pretty sure most guys secretly wish they were Don Draper of the 21st century. When we think of a dapper gentlemen, we think of nice tailored suit ensemble, well groomed face, slick bar collection, and top it all off with a cigar in hand. If that’s how you and your groomsmen roll (or at least aspire to…), here are some gifts that may suit your taste.








Even though we wish our men can be mature like Don Draper, 90% of the time they still act like college kids, especially when hanging out with their friends, and sometimes we do envy their “no worries” vibe. We get it, guys are pretty easy to please, give them a Xbox, some burgers and beers, and they are set for the week. Here are some gifts for you and your groomsmen to kick back and chill.








After racking our brains for this post, we’ve come to the conclusion that guys don’t really care about “gifts” as much as girls do. Most of the time they just want to hang with one another and have a good time. Like we mentioned in the Bridesmaids Gift post, sometimes it isn’t the materialistic things that matter. Creating experience with your closest friends that will stay in your memory forever is just as important, if not more.

If you are an adventurous bunch, treat your groomsmen for a sky diving experience they will never forget. A little too much? Maybe rent a boat and have an afternoon of jet skiing. We have never heard of a group of guys not having fun at a race track, so treat your bros to a few laps, be it go-cart style or big boy nascar style, depending on your wallet.

For some real intimate bonding time, a weekend camping trip with your closest friends can guarantee some real heart to heart conversations. Too rustic for you? Rent a kickass house, bring a ton of food and alcohol, and just Netflix and chill with your friends, literally. We can probably think of many many more, but we don’t know your groomsmen as well as you do. Plan something everyone will enjoy and bond over!


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