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We all have that one or two items that we own a lot of, but can never seem to have enough, be in scarves or boyfriend jeans. Every time you see a slightly different version of it at a store, you convince yourself you need it as the ones you have right now don’t have “that”. Next thing you know you have 20 of the same thing, but surprisingly you manage to have a specific outfit for each of them. Now that’s talent.

So in this post we share with you items we cannot stop buying. Sometimes we really do feel like we have a problem, but at least we know we are not the only ones.




Cannot Stop Buying: Basic Tees


I cannot stop buying basic color tees – I have white, black and grey. Every spring/summer I buy a new version of my basic white/black/grey tees.  I’m not even particular with brand – as long as I like how it fits, softness of the fabric and the way it hangs on my body.  I’ve bought from H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters and even Target brand Mossimo.  The latest ones I have right now I bought from Akira last summer, which is a Chicago based boutique, and I love them.  It’s a V-neck with a pocket, the fabric is so soft and it just hangs perfectly.  I wear it with just about anything – jeans, denim shorts, leggings etc.  I can dress it up by wearing a cool jacket or blazer over it and dress it down by just wearing it with a pair of cut-off denim shorts


Cannot Stop Buying: Basic Tees


James Perse Relaxed V-Neck Tee $50.00
H&M Linen T-shirt $24.99
Zara Oversized T-shirt with Pocket $15.90
Urban Outfitters Project Social T Textured-Knit V-neck Tee $34.00






I cannot stop buying dainty necklaces.  It has actually turned into a real addiction for me and I find myself wishing I was a giraffe to fit all the fab necklaces I’ve collected.  I’ve realized it’s all about making sure you buy a variety of lengths so you can wear a few together and keep it interesting.  My 3 favorites right now are an M for Molly I bought at Bloomies, an evil eye that I bought at my favorite jewelry spot in downtown LA called Bella Epoque Jewelers, and an constellation Libra pendant from Lizzie Scheck.  I love the fact I can tell a little story about myself through my necklaces.  You can look and say “this chick’s name starts with an M, she’s super balanced, loves pretty things (helloooo libra) and is protected by the eye!”


Cannot Stop Buying: Dainty Necklaces


Roberto Coin 18K White Gold Initial Pendant Necklace with Diamonds $580.00
Lizzy Scheck Zodiac Sign Necklace $1,050.00 to $1,325.00
Jennifer Zeuner Tallulah 14K Necklace $594.00
Adina Reyter Solid Pave Disc Necklace $396.00






For me, it’s white button down shirts. I already own 14 of them but every time I see one that is slightly different than the ones I own, I can’t help but get another one! And I truly believe each of the white button down I own serves a particular purpose and goes with a particular outfit! I just love how they can be dressed up or down, with pencil skirt for a business meeting, or denim shorts for casual brunch. My favorite is actually this one I found at Abercrombie on sale for $12.99. It is oversized, high low hem, and fabric feels amazing on the skin. I love it so much I bought two! I don’t have a particular brand I’m loyal to when it comes to white button downs, but Zara always have the most options and newness that do not break the bank.


Cannot Stop Buying: White Button Downs


Zara Shirt with Fine Pleats $35.90
Club Monaco Maraie Silk Shirt $149.50
Tibi Silk Colorless Blouse $325.00
DKNY Collared Button Thru Shirt $445.00





Cannot Stop Buying: White Bottoms & Plaid Shirts

Photos via: Pretty Designs | Sheerluxe | unknown | Style Caster


Since White is my ultimate favorite color, I LOVE to wear all white everything; so of course one thing I cannot stop buying are white bottoms – from skirts, to slim work pants, to leggings to denim jeans!  If I tell you how many of each I own you would think I am crazy, because my husband seems to think so! He says they all look alike but my response is they look different. The fabric and the way it feels on you changes the look, be it tight, A-line, flowy, long, pencil, mini, midi, and maxi for skirts; to culottes, slim-fit, linen, and trousers for work pants; to tight, joggers, capris, and footed with a cool design for leggings; to boyfriend, cropped, straight, bootcut, flare, torn, high waist, and coated for jeans – you get the point!  They are all different to me but somehow he says I’m always wearing the same thing.  I am not!  I just happen to buy them all the time because white is a hard color to keep.  Any style I see in white, I am interested; but I have realized the higher end brands last longer, it’s definitely worth the investment so you don’t have to keep buying from the white becoming dull or so dirty you have to discard it.  Every time I wash my whites, I use bleach to sustain it.

Recently I’ve been into the plaid shirt look.  So easy to wear and my husband loves it because he wears them all the time and we match as a couple (lol).  I owned quite a few of them from years ago that were from Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle!  However, now that I am starting to wear them again, they obviously do not fit me as well and make me look too young!  I have had to go on a search for other types and can’t seem to buy enough.  I’ve purchased a handful already from H&M and Macy’s. I try to find super soft ones that look good on, and by far my ultimate favorite is one I purchased from Bloomingdale’s by RAILS. All their shirts are so fab! – super soft and fits so well!!  I’ve worn it tucked in with jeans, with a long linen skirt slightly tucked in, and am just in love with it!!!  It’s also my current favorite go to top on the weekends as well!


Cannot Stop Buying: White Bottoms & Plaid Shirts


Maje Julyn Long Cotton Canvas Skirt $250.00
Rag & Bone/JEAN Crop Flare Jeans $185.00
Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt $148.00
Madewell Courier Shirt $69.50




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