33 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids Gift


Weddings are always so much fun but so stressful to plan! One of the many things the bride and groom tend to scratch their heads on is gifts for their wedding party. You want the gift to be specific enough to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness, but generic enough that the gift suits everyone’s taste. We’ve been through the process ourselves, so we understand it can be quite a pain in the ass when searching for the perfect gift.

To ease the process, we’ve come up with some wedding gift ideas for you, for both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Even though people always say, “it’s the thought that counts,” you still want to gift something amazing and meaningful.

First off, Bridesmaids Gifts! We will get the easy one out of the way first 🙂 Next post we will share with you Groomsmen gift ideas, which is a brain twister, so stay tuned!

Many brides gift bridesmaid dresses as gifts, but let’s be real, bridesmaid dresses are usually not the best looking pieces, plus they aren’t something your girls will wear ever again in their lives. Why not gift them something meaningful they can wear everyday and be reminded of this amazing friendship?






Jewelry is always the easiest thing to gift for girls. Who doesn’t like a good jewelry piece? Not the mention the options are endless for every single budget. On a tight budget or have a big wedding party? Etsy offers plenty of unique but affordable pieces. Have extra to spare? Plenty of mid-range brands have high quality pieces that won’t necessarily break the bank. Going all out since you love your bridesmaids so much? No girl will complain about dainty diamond pieces, classic Chanel earrings, or a Tiffany T bracelet.

The only jewelry piece we tend to stay away from is ring, as you will need everyone’s size, unless it’s a clasp/ adjustable style. But you can easily turn it into a girl party ring shopping experience, which is a ton of fun!

To make the pieces more personal, be creative with your engravings! Coordinates of where you met, a secret catch phrase between the two of you, a quote from you and your bestie’s favorite movie or song, just to show how important everyone of them is to you! Or if it’s initials, get ones that come with two initials so the piece represents a little bit of you and her.







If jewelry pieces are too generic for you, fret not, we have ideas! Fabulous little clutches and pouches are always easy gifts. Have a group of bridesmaids who are into health and fitness? A fancy Fitbit does the trick. And watches – no, they aren’t reserved just for boys, there are plenty of fashionable and affordable versions in the market for the timeless piece!







Monogrammed gifts can get cheesy sometimes, but if you do them right, they can be the most thoughtful gifts. For a group who likes to jet set, monogrammed passport covers and luggage tags are great gifts to give. If your girls are girlie girls and into cute home decor, how about personalized jewelry boxes or perfume bottles? Same with jewelry, you can customize your gifts with meaningful quotes and nicknames!







Sometimes it may not be the materialistic things that count. A wonderful experience shared amongst a group can create a lifelong bond.

Spa package isn’t only reserved for bridal shower or as bridal gift, you can easily turn it the other way round and gift a spa day with all your favorite people for some pampering.

Renting a nice house for a day on Airbnb and spend the day floating with your girls in the pool with some margaritas in hand sounds like a fantastic time. If you live near the water, a little boat or yacht trip under the sun is something everyone can enjoy. If you are one of the lucky ones in which money is no object AT ALL, how about treating your bridal party to a girls’ vacation? Rent a nice place and have some fun in Malibu, Napa, the Hamptons, or even an international trip to Mexico, Spain, or Morocco! You get the point… 🙂

Get creative; it is all about making memories when it comes to experiences!



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