7 Fun and Chic Bachelorette Items on Etsy


We all just got back from New York where we had another Pinky Espresso reunion plus Michelle’s bachelorette! It was the first time all four of us were in New York City at the same time, the city is always so much more fun when all your girlfriends are with you.

Planning a bachelorette is always fun, and the parties are getting more and more elaborate these days. We didn’t do any crazy party planning or had a theme per se, as a reunion in New York itself already guaranteed a great time. We did get a little carried away when shopping for fun little bachelorette items though, especially on Etsy! Below are 7 bachelorette items on Etsy that will make your bachelorette extra fun and chic!

They say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well, our weekend was definitely a “whatever happened in New York stays in New York”… 😉





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Bride Tribe Tattoos

How adorable are these gold tattoos from FancyThatLoved? We decided to use these on the actual wedding day as it will be in Maui, which totally suits the location! Girl squad what? #bridetribe is the new friendship goal! Each set comes with one “bride” tattoo so no one feels left out, plus it’s available in different sets of quantity.






Penis straws? Everyone does that. If you want to  stay classy, these drink stirrers from Quinn Luu are perfect! They are all customizable so you can have any name or nickname or girl squad name you want. Bride, HBIC, sober, drunk… the possibilities are endless. Just because they look fancy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the words! They are perfect for bridal showers too!





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Pins

This one from Party Gurl Shoppe is a great conversation starter at any party! The boring way of course is matching the pins to everyone’s true personality. But fun way? Doing the exact opposite! Now the innocent one get to act wild, while the wild one have to act like a princess. Who doesn’t like a little fun and innocent role playing?





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Nail Tattoos

We are sucker for anything nails related, and we literally pounced on this nail tattoo set from Daydream Prints the second we saw it! Who knew our 10 fingers are the perfect fit for “b-r-i-d-e-s-m-a-i-d”?! There are also nail tattoos for girls who aren’t bridesmaids so everyone has a little something on their nails, so awesome!





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Sash

Now onto the basic, the sash. This is what you want your bride-to-be to be wearing while parading around the club and bars to declare she is about to be off the market! We love the different play of words Shades of Pink Boutique offers. We especially love how the sashes look so classy and chic, as we don’t roll any other way. There are so many color options to choose from, there’s something for everyone!





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Boho Veil

Michelle loves everything boho chic, so of course we had to get her a boho veil! None of those tacky dangling penises! We got this one from the For the Bride Shop as it looks cute plus it is only $25, much cheaper than most others on Etsy. The quality is amazing and Michelle looked adorable in it! We loved this one from Kay James Boutique but $75 is a bit much to spend on a bachelorette veil that most likely will go MIA by end of night.





Bachelorette Items on Etsy: Inappropriate Stuff

Now, no bachelorette party is complete without some inappropriate things. Usually it is penis straws or penis veil, and sometimes we just want something more creative and not so in your face. Grown Folk is really one of the best shops we came across, we had so much fun browsing its inventory we could barely stop laughing! Penis ice cubes for your cocktails and lipsticks for a little reapplying at the club? Heck ya! You can even bake a penis-shaped cake and fill the room with penis balloons. There are so many things to choose from we had to stop ourselves before the party gets overloaded by you know what!




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