Questions to Ask Yourself When Wearing These 7 Items


Fashion is all about trial and error. With the four of us combined, we’ve worn more than enough clothes and looks to learn a lesson or two. Sometimes you just need to think twice about your outfit before walking out the door, no matter how chic it looks. Here are the questions to ask yourself when wearing these 7 items. Keep them in mind when getting dressed, and you will thank yourself before it is too late.

Yes, we may be overthinking it. But we are also believers of “effortless chic”, and there is nothing effortless about struggling to button that jumpsuit back up in the restroom, while your hot date wonders why it is taking you 20 minutes to do your business…




GettingDressesHeaderSandals Question to Ask Yourself - Are My Feet Silky Smooth?


Hooray its summer and once the sun comes out, your toes want to come out and play. But alas, during the long winter, many of you ladies may have forgone proper pedicures and have dry skin since your lovely toes/feet are hidden inside thick tights, socks and boots. The question to ask yourself is, “are my feet presentable or are they ashy?” In the summer time though, make sure your feet are not dry or scaly by hydrating with some exfoliation and nice foot lotion. Toenails should be clean and painted nicely with fun pop colors as the cherry on top!




GettingDressesHeaderShades Question to Ask Yourself - Are My Mirrored Sunglasses Clean?


This is simple sunglasses care, but something most neglect or are too lazy to do. Wipe them! Especially when you wear mirrored styles, the smudges and dirt marks are even more obvious on them. The question to ask yourself is, “do I see smudges on my shades?” You want people to be able to see their lovely faces when they stare at your mirrored sunglasses, not a foggy haze of god knows what.

GettingDressesHeaderOnepiece Question to Ask Yourself - What's the Restroom Situation for My One Piece?


We’ve all been there. You feel great in your cute little one piece, until you hit the restroom. It takes forever to take off, you cradle the entire thing like a precious baby to make sure it doesn’t touch that disgusting bathroom floor, and after you are done, more likely than not you need someone to hook or zip or button you back up. The question to ask yourself is, “am I going to be going to the restroom a million times that day, and more importantly how clean will those restrooms be?” Porta potty at a music festival? Probably not the best idea.




GettingDressesHeaderWhites Question to Ask Yourself - Are My Undergarments Visible?


Ahhhh Summer… the time for white, white and everything white and why not as the color sets off your tan beautifully. But be forewarned, proper nude underwear required at all times. The question to ask yourself is, “are my undergarments visible?” We don’t understand how VPL (visible panty line) is still a thing… it’s 2016 ladies!!! Remember to stand under sunlight before walking out that door to make sure you aren’t showing your undergarments to everyone, unless that’s the look you are going for (we like to show a little sexy bra under that lace top once in a while too, we get you). You don’t want to be that girl who is being secretly talked about (not in a good way) while strutting down the street.




GettingDressesHeaderWhiteShoes Question to Ask Yourself - What Streets Will I be Walking in My White Shoes?


White loafers are chic, functional, and comfortable, which almost makes them a no brainer to throw on wherever you go. But before pounding those pavements, the question to ask yourself is, “is it a day of treading through muddy or super dirty streets/roads?” Maybe they should stay home when the streets are full of dirty puddles after a long night of pouring rain. No matter how diligent you are with cleaning them after each wear, they will get dirty eventually. Keeping this in mind will at least prolong that “white to somewhat white” process. Again, if the whole distressed worn-in white sneaker look is what you are going for, this tip doesn’t apply to you.




GettingDressesHeaderAcc Question to Ask Yourself - Am I Going to Get Weird Tan Lines?


We love a good arm party, or ring stacking, or gladiator sandals, or strappy swimsuit. But we don’t love weird looking tan lines. The question to ask yourself is, “am I okay with the possibility of imprinting weird tan lines on my body?” Swimsuits with all kinds of zig zags and crosses may look sexy on, but once you take them off you may look like a zebra. Oh, and those gladiator sandals – striped leg tans? Not very sexy. Even basic two-strap sandals will give you some pretty obvious tan lines on your feet that may look funky when you put on some fabulous pointy toe heels. And we can’t even tell you how many times we’ve sported interesting ring and bracelet tans on our fingers and wrists… Michelle learnt this the hard way with a Fitbit tan on her wrist. So put on some sunscreen before you head out to minimize those semi-permanent unwanted tan lines!



GettingDressesHeaderFurs Question to Ask Yourself - Is It Going to Rain?


When the weather starts to cool down and goes beyond freezing, many are excited to whip out their fur/faux fur vests and coats. However, most cities tend to rain quite a bit during Winter, and the last thing you want is to look like drenched puppies in the rain. The question to ask yourself is, “what does the weather report say?” Double check the weather report before throwing on that animal on you, be it fake or real. A little drizzle won’t hurt, but if it is pouring, it’s probably a good idea to put on something more water resistant.

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