3 Simple Products to Healthy, Shiny, Frizz Free Hair


Hair. Sometimes the forgotten child. We always talk about healthy food, the new workout hype, the can’t live without makeup, and the newest eye cream. For some reason our hair doesn’t get as much attention than the rest of our bodies. Sure we talk about which hairstylist is the best, what is the hottest color, or should we do straight or curls, but rarely do we talk about how we take are of our hair. A great haircut does 80% of the work, the remaining 20% is really our responsibility to make sure the shiny mane is in tip-top shape. First impression counts, and your hair plays a big role in it, so we got to make sure they are here to impress!


healthy, shiny, frizz free hair


My hair care routine is very simple. I do not use fancy shampoos as I realize after a while they are all pretty much the same. I also do not have the patience for hair masks as the last thing I want to do is stand in the shower for another ten or fifteen minutes twirling my thumbs. I, however, swear by 3 products to keep my hair healthy, shiny, and frizz free.



zen care premium miracle treatment

I was first introduced to it by my hairstylist. I gawked at the price when she recommended it to me, but I had been with her for so many years I knew she was not trying to just push a product down my throat. Zen Care does not advertise so most people are not aware of their line of products, but they have been around since 1987. It is one of the best hair conditioning treatment I have ever used. It is so moisturizing, all you need is just two or three sprays each time, and one bottle usually lasts me a good six months. I use it as conditioner after shampooing. You can also use it as hair treatment after the shower while your hair is still wet. Either way, you will never be able to use other hair conditioners.






aquis hair towel

You are probably thinking – hair towel? Mine works just fine, it is just towel. I had the same thought as well before I started using Aquis, which I pretty much stumbled upon. Little did I know that, no, it is not just a towel. No matter how expensive and fancy your current towel is, it is still too rough for your hair! Especially when you rub your delicate wet hair against the rough surface of the towel, it is the easiest way to cause frizziness and breakage, not to mention split ends. Out of curiosity I bought one to try, and I am glad I did. First of all, it is the perfect size. You know how some hair towels are always a slight too small and keeps falling off, and some are just too big that you feel like you have a 10-pound weight on your head? Well not this one. I usually wrap the Aquis towel around my hair while I do my regular skin care routine, and by the time I take it off, it has soaked up the excess water. A little more patting and I am good to go for air dry. Before, my hair would already be frizzy and even tangled up after just drying with a towel, but with the Aquis towel it stays smooth which is pretty amazing.




oscar blandi jasmine hair oil serum

This is the holy grail of my hair care routine, not to mention I am obsessed with the smell which is a very subtle jasmine scent. I have been using the Oscar Blandi Hair Serum for almost eight years. I admittedly did cheat on it once or twice over the years, but I kept going back like a sorry puppy. All I need is one or two pumps of the serum, and it gives my hair a really nice and healthy shine all day. They used to sell them in stores at Sephora but for some reason they stopped carrying them, and are only available online. Everytime they are in stock online I buy multiples of them, as they get sold out pretty much right away! It is definitely a cult favorite.







So there you go, the three products that keep my hair shiny and healthy all day. Hope you find this helpful, and that you also find products that best suit your pretty and precious hair!

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