10 Practical Tips to Look Instantly Chic


Looking chic and cool isn’t something that is only limited to the fashion elites, with a few tips you can also look stylish and effortless without spending a dime. More importantly, the tips below are practical. Yes, throwing a jacket over your shoulders like a cape looks chic, but it isn’t the best idea when you are trying to grab onto that subway pole to prevent yourself (and your jacket) from flying into someone else.

These practical tips to look instantly chic are unbelievably easy and simple to create, and the four of us do them all the time. With these 10 tips in your back pocket, you can also achieved that je ne sais quoi.

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Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #1 Pull Up Shirt Sleeves

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This is one of our favorites. Pretty much every jacket we wear, we pull the sleeves up. This helps elongate your arms, and gives the instant cool factor. It also makes you look less frumpy, especially when your jacket sleeves are too long. Many brands fit their clothes on fit models, who tend to have longer limbs than the normal population. You may find jackets to be fitting well on the body, but too long on the sleeves. Pulling up the sleeves to around right below your elbow helps solve that problem instantly.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #2 Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

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Similar idea to pulling up your jacket sleeves, you can do the same with shirts and sweaters. If the shirt has tab sleeves, we still recommend to roll the sleeves up yourself, as you can never get the same effect with just the tabs. Even when it is a short sleeve tee you can still do one or two rolls. Roll up those sleeves, and look like a girl (or boy) on a mission. Instantly uping your chic factor!





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #2 The Half Tuck

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This one is so easy, and you can do it with both button down shirts or a simple tee. With button downs, just simply tuck the front into your pants, especially jeans, and leave the back flowing. If you tuck the whole shirt in you look a little too serious; if you have it all out, it’s a little bland. Half tuck the front gives out the vibe that you are too cool to care (but you actually do). Plus it elongates your legs a bit.

With a simple tee, you can do the same thing by tucking a little bit of the front in the middle, or if it is long enough tuck one side into the jean pocket so it gives the tummy area more coverage. Again, looking instantly chic.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #4 Throw On a Scarf or Hat

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This keep you warm on those chilly days. When we say throw on a scarf, we literally mean throw it on. Don’t try to do fancy knots or style. Sometimes just a simple wrap around the neck is all your need. Remember, the key here is to look like you don’t care and didn’t really put in an effort.

As for the hat, throw on a panama hat for the summer, and a black wide brim hat for the winter. Sometimes it takes a while the find the perfect shape and brim, but when you find “the one”, it’s like a match made in heaven. Try to prevent the super floppy ones, not only does it look weird sometimes, but they can actually block your view – not chic.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #5 Keep It Neutral

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You probably noticed all the fashion bloggers or models always wear neutral colors. That’s because they are easy to the eyes. Looking fashionable isn’t about being loud and covered in head to toe prints. It is about knowing how to mix and match different shades, textures, and brands together to create a unique outfit.

When you mix and match, it is a lot easier when the items in your wardrobe work WITH one another, instead of clashing. Plus when you keep the color palette neutral, you are really showcasing the silhouette of the clothes, playing with proportions and symmetries. Especially when you invest in key items, it is always best to choose a neutral color that will last a long time, instead of the color or print of the season.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #6 Throw On Your Shades

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Sunglass styles are getting more and more out there these days. Why? Because that’s the first thing people notice when they see you, your face. With the right pair of sunglasses on, you will still look great even with just jeans and t-shirts on. The style of your sunglasses can pull the whole outfit together, whether you are going for the glamazon look or weekend casual. Plus they hide those bags under the eyes perfectly.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #7 Pointed Toe Shoes

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Of course, we cannot leave out the shoes. If you want to look polished and chic, pointed toe shoes are the way to go. Not only do they elongate your legs big time, they instantly make you look put together, even if it is cargo pants and a shirt. And the good news is, since it is pointed toe, you don’t need 4-inch height to make yourself look tall and lean.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #8 Grab a Day Clutch

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Okay, maybe this isn’t AS practical since you have to hold onto your purse, but there is something about holding a day clutch that oozes “chic”. If you like colors, this is where you can go crazy. With a neutral palette outfit, you can pop it easily with your purse. You will be surprised by the amount of things you can fit in a day clutch!





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #9 The Top Knot

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For those days when you just do not want to be bothered with your hair, do the top knot! For some weird reason, a girl with a top knot always looks cool. A top knot however isn’t only reserved for a day of errands, you can also rock it for a night out. Nothing is more chic than a girl with her hair up in a sleek top knot and red lipsticks on.





Look Instantly Chic Fashionable Tips: Tip #10 Hint of Red

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Speaking of red lips… When your outfit is neutral, you can go a little crazier with your lipstick and nail colors, and red is ALWAYS the safest and chic-est bet. Lipsticks and nail polishes are relatively cheap investments that can instantly change the mood of your whole look. There are so many shades of red out there, we love to rock a bright orangie red during the summer, and a deep burgundy red in the winter.




With all the above tips in mind, you can mix and match them to create the Perfect Combo for the ultimate chic outfit. Visit our pinterest board for more outfit ideas!

Now can you spot how many of our tips the above and below outfits utilize?


10 Tips to Look Instantly Chic: Perfect Combo

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